Goddesses of influence

The new Solstice Shadow Palettes have already made their way into the lives of some of our favourite Goddesses of influence. They are absolutely loving the shades, the pigment, and the sustainable practices used to create them! 

Check out their thoughts below on these revolutionary Shadow Palettes.

"I'm trying out the new Summer and Winter Solstice Palettes from Eye of Horus Cosmetics! Why do I believe in this? Because it sets the standard for a future of respecting our environment through beauty that is: Cruelty Free, 100% naturally derived, Organic + vegan ingredients, No nasty chemicals, Recyclable packaging, Locally made in Byron bay."

"Embody the goddess. My Mantra most days. Eye of Horus Cosmetics helping me create my goddess look with their new eye shadow palette. These guys are my favourite makeup brand ever! The products are not only created from ancient Egyptian recipes (yes goddess formulas) but they are also 100% naturally derived, Organic vegan ingredients, (desert clay and olive leaf extract just to name a few) No talc, petroleum or synthetic oils, Boosted with anti-aging bio actives, eco packaging and made local in my hometown Byron Bay. You get to vote with your dollar guys, make it count x p.s I am wearing the new summer colour palette."

"So I’m no makeup artist but I love learning techniques on set and practicing at home. When it comes to my own kit I love to keep my products as natural as possible. So when I got the chance to try out Eye of Horus Cosmetics NEW Solstice Shadow Palettes it was simply a no brainer! The Byron Bay based brand is cruelty free and include naturally derived organic ingredients in their products. Using their new highly pigmented Solstice Shadow Palettes I created this warm winter winged look. I will be sure to post a little IGTV of how I got this look soon!”

"These organic naturally derived eye shadows locally made in Byron look amazing! Such beautiful colours and healing ingredients like golden seal and olive leaf extract! How amazing. Organic chemical free makeup, locally made in Byron Bay... I'm genuinely impressed."