Get the look with Max May


We are delighted to welcome skincare into our suite of clean beauty, and take you behind the scenes of our campaign shoot for Seven Seed Sacred Oil.

Max May, one of Australia’s leading hair & makeup artists helped bring our vision for this glowing, ‘no-makeup’ look to life. Max has worked across covers and pages for the likes of HARPER’S BAZAAR Australia, Singapore and China, OYSTER, RUSSH Magazine, ELLE Japan, GRAZIA Australia, UK and Italy.

Here, Max details his application tips and tricks for creating the dewy, Seven Seed Sacred Oil campaign makeup, and outlines the step-by-step process, so you can recreate this natural look at home.

Step One:

“To prep and prime the face, I firstly saturated the skin with Seven Seed Sacred Oil to hydrate and nourish. This ensured the face was looking as plump and glowing as possible!”

Step Two:

“To even the skin tone and add shape to the face I used two shades of the Triple C Concealer. I matched the lighter shade, Medium Sand to Tahnee’s exact skin tone. I applied this under the eyes, down the centre of the nose, centre of the forehead, centre of the chin and along the top of the jaw line.”

“The second shade, Dark Ochre, was used to contour. I applied this in the areas I wanted to add depth, which was underneath the cheekbones, on the bottom of the jaw line, each side of the nose, temples, across the top of the forehead and a little on the centre of the lid.”

“The key is then to blend this out. I used the Vegan Blending Brush to blend the lighter shade and the Vegan Contour Brush to blend the darker shade. The result is multi-dimensional skin with minimal coverage, allowing the skin to shine rather than looking like a full face of makeup.”

Step Three:

“I applied Bio Lipstick Athena Blush on the lips and the cheeks. I like to apply with both fingers, as the warmth of the fingers allows me to blend the lipstick easily onto the lips and cheeks, so the skin and the product become one. I also find applying lipstick like this onto lips enables me to get a more rounded edge, giving the illusion of larger lips without having to over-line the lips.”

Step Four:

“To finish and complement the glowing skin created by the Seven Seed Scared Oil, I brushed the brows up with the gel from the Dual Brow in Perfect Medium, and then emphasised them by filling them in with the Brow Define Medium. I love taking advantage of this super fine tipped pencil by etching in hair like strokes to give a more exaggerated finish to the brows.”



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