Love - the most spirited and mystical existence of all. It is the underlying essence of what drives us to grow, create, and share ourselves with our family, friends and global community.

With the most iconic annual day of love, Valentine’s Day, approaching, we look to ways to express and celebrate the love we feel in a physical way. One of the best things about love is it’s unconditional and unlimited nature. We can enjoy the bliss of it in any way, shape or form that our heart desires.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re choosing to express the magic of love through the art of beauty with our Loved Up Makeup Tutorial. This romantic look was curated with some of our most-loved products, featuring the Vesta Red Bio Lipstick. Vesta was the Goddess of hearth, home and family. This vegan lipstick is the perfect red hue inspired by Vesta’s passion for love.
Step 1: Using the Brow Define, apply tiny hair-like flicks throughout the brow, filling in any uneven gaps. Then, gently brush through using the spoolie end.

This will bring your brows to life and create full, natural-looking brows.
Step 2: Using the Black Liquid Define Liner, draw a thin line along your upper lash line. Flip the liner to face outward and choose your wing length. Start from there and draw inwards to meet your lash line.

By defining your lash line, you create the appearance of lush lash volume and enhance your beautiful eyes
Step 3: Using the outer curved side of the Bio Mascara, start at the root of your upper lashes and comb through a few times.

This will effortlessly lift, coat, curl and lengthen your lashes.
Step 4: Using the Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil, simply fill in your waterline. Use the smudger to blend down into your lower lash line. 

This will create a subtle smokey eye which adds depth and dimension to your look.
Step 5: Using the Pure Scarlet Artistry Lip Liner, fill in your outer lip line and feel free to go slightly above your natural line to give the illusion of fuller lips.

This will ensure your lipstick stays put all day into the night for kiss-proof results.
Step 6: Using the Vesta Red Bio Lipstick, coat your luscious lips for the finished look!
This is a perfect classic red that compliments all skin tones and represents the essence of love in colour.

It’s that simple! Be sure to tag @eyeofhoruscosmetics on Instagram or Facebook if you recreate this dreamy makeup look!

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