We are super excited to release our new collaboration with Goddess Sharon Farrell! Sharon is a long time massive EOH fan and we adore her personality and makeup looks she creates .. so we decided to team up and create the limited edition custom Sharon Pack (see how-to video below).

The Sharon Pack was curated by the makeup guru herself, in that she complied her absolute favourite and must have EOH products into one pack (which we have gone ahead and discounted for all you Goddesses). Shop it here: http://bit.ly/2cNYyjv

Her custom pack includes all of our best sellers ... the Black Goddess Mascara, Smokey Black Goddess Eye Pencil and Dual Brow Pencil (your choice of shade) + a free custom cosmetic sharpener. Shop it here: http://bit.ly/2cNYyjv


The Smokey Black Goddess Pencil 

"I am devoted to this pencil. It is BY FAR the longest wearing eye pencil I have ever worn in my life. I have definitely been favouring pencils over gel or liquid liner recently just because I think it's quite flattering, to have a soft smudging lash line rather than something really graphic .. on my eyes anyway - I prefer how it looks. 

The Goddess Mascara

"This is a tubing mascara, so it doesn't transfer or flake .. it stays put really really well. It has a plastic spikey wand and the bristles are really tightly packed together. So I find it keeps my lashes very separated and defined."

The Dual Brow Perfect

"This is a double ended brow product that I use a lot in my tutorials. I actually brought it away with me to USA and London because it's such a convenient product. You have an eyebrow pencil on one side and a gel on the other. Depending how much pressure you apply with this product it can look quite dark or it can be a lot softer, so it looks like you've put a couple of different products through. The gel has a little bit of tint to it too and adds some texture."

Chosen by Sharon just for you, all at the discounted price of $69 AUD! (RRP over $100) and free worldwide shipping on all orders over $50.