Emerald Tabula Goddess Pencil

This month we’re celebrating beauty, elegance & harmony. Our gorgeous Goddess Pencil shade, Emerald Tabula embodies all these qualities and we want to share it with all of our ladies. Every woman should feel like a Goddess, so we are offering this little gem for FREE this month. All you need to do is purchase any two Eye of Horus products or spend $50 or more online and this Emerald Shade is yours.
Our Goddess Pencils come with the smoothest velvet waterproof formula that glides on without smudging. Bright and colourful this shade is so versatile, perfect for any time of day. Check out our video tutorials to see how you can change up your look for any occasion.
In addition to our video tutorials we have a few extra looks for you to try and have a bit of fun with! Mix it up, have some fun and  give your eyes some edge with this versatile Emerald Tabula Goddess Pencil.
Channel the powerful qualities of the emerald to make you feel like a goddess. This sacred stone thought to preserve love and is known as a symbol of hope. It is known to open and nurture the heart and the heart chakra. It vibrates a soothing energy providing healing, vitality, harmony and wellbeing. In ancient times this gem was dedicated to the Venus, the Goddess of Love bringing promosie of unconditional love. A stone known for its prophecy it will assist you with great vision and intuition.