Date Night Beauty

Wearing makeup that makes you feel your very best is our number one date night beauty tip, but creating makeup looks for an occasion can be a special and enjoyable way to express yourself on date night. 
From bold lips and shimmering shadows to highlighted cheekbones and flushes of pink — Makeup Artist Sophie VanEmdem shows us how to create some memorable beauty moments for your next night out (or in).

Soft & Sultry

Soft, feminine, and enchanting – this is a classic date night look that’s sure to turn heads.
Begin by applying the lightweight Triple C Concealer to brighten and conceal followed by the Skin Tint Serum Foundation for a sheer, glowy finish. Using the Complexion Duo Universal, add a light bronzer on the cheekbones, temples, and chin for definition, with a flush of blush to your cheeks and eyes for a subtle and luxurious sparkle. Complete the look with the rose-tinted Lip Elixir for a romantic glow.

Red & Romantic

Softly sculpted cheekbones, radiant skin and bright lips are a winning combination for date night beauty – especially if you're dressing up for the occasion.
To achieve this look, start by prepping your skin with the Seven Seed Sacred Oil and applying the Ritual Skin Foundation Stick as a base. Next, subtly contour and conceal desired areas using the Triple C Concealer. Reach for the Complexion Duo Universal to define your cheekbones and jawline and add a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks for added dimension. Try the Luminous Highlighter for added radiance. 
 On to the eyes – apply a neutral base eyeshadow to the entire lid, followed by a deeper hue in the crease for added dimension. We love adding a shimmer to increase intensity. Blend it out with a fluffy brush before lining the eyes with brown pencil eyeliner and applying a few coats of the Goddess Mascara for long, voluminous lashes.
Finish the look by lining and filling the lips. We can't go past Artistry Lip Liner Pure Scarlet and Goddess Lipstick Gaia Spice for a show-stopping red date-night duo.

Rosy Glow

Nothing says summer romance like flushed cheeks and a rosy glow. 
Begin with the base, opting for a dewy foundation like the Skin Tint Serum Foundation and select a light pink hue of mineral blush like that in the Complexion Duo Universal. Apply the blush all over your cheeks, and add a little bit of colour to the bridge of your nose. Blend it out with the Vegan Multitasking Brush to soften the colour and make it look more natural. 
For the eyes, go with the same rosy blush hue and a touch of Luminous Highlighter Sunset for a rosy glow. Elongate the lashes with a few coats of Goddess Mascara and finish the look with the lips. For a romantic rosy duo, we suggest the Artistry Lip Liner Hibiscus Pink coupled with Bio Lipstick Athena Blush.