Gloriously glowing and illuminating pure precious Copper metal shade in a Liquid metallic eyeliner that delivers a splash of piercing vivid colour.

"The brush is thin and tapered so you can get a fine line really close to the lashes.  I absolutely love coloured liner.  Wing it out, do a mini kitten flick or just follow your natural lash line it is a great way to introduce a pop of colour if like me the windows to your soul are always behind glasses." ~ Patent Purple Life Blog

Transform eyes with a swipe of Copper Liquid metal electrifying color. Formulated with brilliant mineral pigments, this liners smudge-free, felt-tipped precision applicator allows you to effortlessly highlight eyes with a burst of statement metallic colour.

Learn some multi-use features of our Copper Sphinx and Imperial Bronze Liquid Metal in this recent review from the Patent Purple Life blog here

"These liquid metals make the most beautiful eye shadows. The best way that I have found to apply them is to build up colour on the back of the hand. Then use a flat shader brush to back on the colour and a fluffy brush to blend out the edges." ~ Patent Purple Life blog

* Pictured above @bonniebeautybynicole 


Our Copper Sphinx Liner is named after the famous Great Sphinx structure in Egypt which is located right next to The Great Pyramids of Egypt. 

Legends have been told for many years about the Great Sphinx. These stories tell about the powers and mysteries of this sphinx. It has been revealed by many that there are hidden passageways and rooms underneath the Great Sphinx, however nothing has officially been announced yet.

Earlier this year we visited Egypt to get more inspiration from the ancient land, artefacts and temples there. Seeing the Sphinx in real life is just jaw dropping amazing! See below for images from our trip.