The Ancient Egyptians are looked upon as the originators of makeup and beauty. Dating back to more than 5,000 years ago.. both men and women adorned themselves with natural makeup and perfume to not only enhance their beauty, but to also support their wellbeing with the magical powers of Mother Gaia.
Read below to discover for yourself the key beauty secrets of the incredible Ancient Egyptians...
~ KOHL ~
The Egyptians were clever enough to figure out a way to convert lead into high protection eyeliner. First they would mix the lead with salts and waxes and then would process and filter the materials for up to 30 days. The end result was natural jet black eyeliner which when worn, actually protected their eyes from the sun and infections.
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~ Castor and Moringa Oil ~
Natural oils were considered sacred to the Egyptians for their anti-aging and healing properties. Castor and Moringa Oil were prized for their multi use within their beauty and wellbeing rituals. 
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Burnt almonds were used to colour their brows black and fill them out.
Although burnt almonds did the job for the Ancient Egyptians... we have chosen to define and nourish our brows with natural waxes of Castor, Coconut & Candelilla. Check out our brow range here.
~ Red Ochre ~

Egyptian women often used this natural pigment as lipstick and cheek stain. The ochre was ground finely and mixed with water then applied with a brush to the lips and face.

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