An ode to Goddesses Past

All of us at Eye of Horus believe in the wisdom of the Goddesses past. They were wise, enduring and connected to nature in a way we can only imagine. So very clever, they managed to harness the goodness of nature to nurture their beauty, to create and formulate ancient products that not only enhanced their natural features but made them feel their Goddess status, from the inside - out.

We know all women have a bit of that enchantress Goddess inside, perhaps even alot. This simple yet profound idea is what sparked the inspiration behind our core Goddess Lipstick range. Each shade was designed with an original Goddess in mind (and heart), each of whom has stood the test of time and her virtue lives on today. The collection is an ode to these feminine figures.

With the recent launch of our two new Goddess Lipstick shades - Ruby & Spice, we were excited to create affirmation cards - a gentle reminder to you that - like the Goddesses past - you are an ultimate being, in all of your beauty and grace.

We collaborated with the wonderful Jaz Meier of Harley and J - we like to think of her as one of Byron Bay’s goddesses of art and creativity. Jaz is constantly inspired by nature and the human form, with special interest in the feminine. She took pen to paper and beautifully depicted a series of these eternal beauties. Her artwork sparked inspiration for our Creative Director to dig deep and write with each and every one of you in mind - a reminder that we are all empowered beings, we always have and always will be.

When you receive your Goddess Lipstick, we truly hope you enjoy the inspiration behind it’s creation and keep the affirmation card, use it as a bookmark or on your inspo board or whatever you choose, but let it be a subtle, daily reminder of the wisdom, strength and beauty of Goddesses past.

Each card has been lovingly made in Australia from recycled paper.