With its diverse range of applications, Lip Liner has cemented its status as a versatile makeup staple. From subtly enhancing natural lip contours for a "your-lips-but-better" look to editorial-inspired flairs straight from the runway (think bold outlines, exaggerated shapes, and captivating gradient effects) or simply creating a robust foundation for an iconic red lip, there are endless creative opportunities when it comes to lip liners. 
Regardless of the approach, there are a few tried-and-true lip liner tips and techniques that should be in the arsenal of every makeup enthusiast reaching for their favourite pencil


When selecting a lip liner that matches your natural lip colour, it's important to consider the undertones that complement your complexion. Not all nude liners are identical. Achieving the ideal nude liner involves evaluating your skin tone and identifying the shade that uniquely suits you. Optimal nude shades often possess hints of peach or rust. We recommend opting for a shade that mirrors or slightly deepens the natural lip hue, allowing for a remarkably subtle and well-defined lip contour.


The aim is to create balance and symmetry. This is achieved by following the natural shape of your lips. Start from the top and bottom contours first, then blend out the edges to give the effect of fuller lips. When it comes to Cupid’s bow — you don’t want to go overboard in accentuating it so make sure the lines aren’t too sharp. 
It’s important to avoid the temptation to complete the outline in a single elongated stroke – Working in smaller sections ensures complete precision and control. Once the lip is fully lined, feather the liner inward so that if it wears down later, it does so evenly. If you’re applying lipstick after, this smooth transition can help the colour look more customised to your skin tone for a seamless and flattering finish.


There is nothing like a taupe-hued pencil for sculpting and refining. Think of it as akin to contouring your cheeks but for your lips. If you're aiming to create a more voluminous lip silhouette, coupling your lip liner with a resilient, long-wearing lipstick is an excellent choice. This duo ensures that concerns about product bleeding are laid to rest, preserving the impeccably sculpted look you've achieved.


Lip liner adds a level of definition to the lip's edges that applying lipstick solely from a bullet may not accomplish, which is why we advocate that these two lip products go hand in hand. By emphasising the lip border with a richly pigmented lip liner, you can achieve the illusion of fuller lips. Additionally, when opting for a vibrant lipstick, we suggest using a lip liner afterwards to further enhance and refine the lip's contours, resulting in a softened and refined shape.


Always have touch-up tools on hand no matter what kind of lip look you’re going for. To sharpen the line around the lips, try using micellar water and a cotton bud. Micellar water is non-oily and will not cause lip products to bleed. A concealer can also double as a perfector. Apply it to the edges of your lips before and after applying lip liner, and soften the edges with your finger or a small brush.

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