Our approach
Advanced Nourishment
Our unique approach to all we create is an alchemy of wisdom from Goddesses past and modern botanicals for effective makeup-as-skincare results.
Our inspiration rests with the ancient Egyptians - the masters of holistic beauty, who wrote the first-ever recorded medicinal text written by mankind - the Ebers Papyrus. We regularly reference this cherished literature, containing a direct correlation of sacred oils to powerful yet nourishing beauty benefits. We have bestowed it upon ourselves to harness this wisdom within each and every formulation we create, combined with modern, natural botanicals to offer you powerful yet gentle makeup-as-skincare.
From NAture to Nurture
Sacred Ingredients
We endeavour to source only the highest quality, ethically produced and abundantly available ingredients from nature to nurture and we choose organic whenever possible. The result from our carefully considered formulations are cruelty-free products suitable for sensitive skin, free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals. Also, aside from our accredited ethically sourced beeswax utilised in a few of our products, we are predominantly vegan.
We believe in formulations that utilise sacred, natural ingredients to protect, nourish, revitalise and enhance ones natural beauty whilst being suitable for all skin types.
Abyssinian Oil
An ancient carrier oil with natural linoleic acid and omega 6 for regenerative, anti-inflammatory and conditioning properties.
Moringa Oil
The ultimate sacred ingredient and holistic beauty treasure. One of the world’s most abundant sources of natural vitamins and minerals to highly nourish and regenerate.
Hemp Seed Oil
An ancient soothing oil rich in omega and fatty acids renowned for its anti-inflammatory, regenerating, and hydrating properties and ideal to help soothe problem skin. 
Desert Clay
A mild, pH neutral clay rich in silica and abundant in minerals that balance, draw skin impurities and help provide lasting colour.
Orange Fruit Extract
A conditioning, anti-inflammatory, and stimulative extract with cellular level anti-aging properties.
A biocompatible, easily absorbed oil rich in vitamin E, zinc, iodine and other antioxidants for deep, long-lasting hydration.
Macadamia Oil
An ancient nourishing oil rich in omega 6 & 9 fatty acids to assist in moisturising, regenerating and restoring the skin whilst acting as a natural topical anti-inflammatory. 
Luminaria Seaweed
A sustainably harvested key ocean botanical, utilised for its highly restorative, nourishing and exceptional hair growth properties.  
Plant Based Collagen
A bio-available, natural plant form of collagen with cellular level anti-aging properties.
Shea Butter
Containing high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins with anti-inflammatory and healing properties to condition, tone and soothe the skin. 
Castor Oil
An age old vitamin elixir, naturally containing omega 6 & 9 to nourish and regenerate hair, lashes and skin. Also known to accelerate hair growth.