Self Love Day

Have you ever heard of Singles Day? It began in China as a celebration of single life, and its impact is now being felt around the entire globe as society is now more fully embracing and celebrating single life.
The origin of Singles Day goes back to 1993, when four single students discussed how they could celebrate and fully enjoy being single. They agreed that November 11 would be a day of events and celebrations in honor of single life. The date 11.11 was chosen to resemble the number one, and since then this day has spread worldwide to create awareness of self-love and celebration of the individual and independence.

Here at Eye of Horus Cosmetics we aim to celebrate and support the everyday goddess, and are taking the time today on Singles (self-love) Day to share about a little extra self-love and care,
whether you’re single or not!

You can use this day as an excuse to finally treat yourself. Whether it’s taking time out to nourish and rejuvenate, or gifting yourself that product you’ve had your heart set on, now is the time. Read on for inspiration for your self-love today.

Practice being grateful for all the positives in your life, small or big, it will truly fill you with love and joy. Write them down or simply sit and reflect on it.

Do something you love to do for fun, but rarely find the time for it. This could be dancing to your favorite music, going for a walk in nature, or getting creative and making something.

Don’t have the budget for a full day spa experience? Create the salon experience right in your own home. Gather all your beauty and self-care products and take the time to actually use them. We know you have a face mask and body scrub sitting somewhere in that cupboard!

Recently Eye of Horus Cosmetics was featured in the newest release of Style Magazine’s ‘Beauty Edit’ feature.

Spotlighting two of our most nourishing products - the Goddess Mascara and Bio Lip Elixir - the magazine poses the question “Home is where the beauty lives. Why leave home when you can pamper yourself and have your own personal salon at your fingertips?”

Treat yourself to our two best-selling most nourishing products.