Fragrance Free

There are two main ways that are used to give cosmetics a lovely sweet scent. One is with “fragrance” and the other “essential oils”.

While you may be aware of the fact that essential oils are considered all natural… you may not be aware of the fact that other fragrances are usually created by combining synthetic chemicals which are harmful to your overall health.

According to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics - “we do know that some of these fragrance chemicals are linked to serious health problems such as cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, allergies and sensitivities.”

 What’s worse, is that all these chemicals are generally allowed to hide behind the name “fragrance” on the product ingredient list. Considering that lipsticks are worn on your lips and are easily ingested from eating, drinking, and licking the lips… going with an unscented lipstick is your safest bet in avoiding unnecessary toxins. 

 So, as you can see it’s best to avoid any product with the label “fragrance” included in its ingredient list. However, what about essential oils?

 Essential oils can be a much safer alternative considering they are natural oils which have been extracted from plants. Although natural, they still pose a problem for those with sensitive skin and allergies. We have had numerous customers write into us asking which of our products contain particular natural ingredients, such as aloe vera and lavender, due to their sensitivities.


After consideration, we made the decision to create super friendly lippies which are safer for more of our goddess tribe. The entire Eye of Horus Cosmetics range is designed for sensitive eyes and skin, for the everyday goddess.