A sensitivity to eye makeup inspired Eye Of Horus owner, Holly Spierings’, initial research for the ultimate Goddess Mascara. She discovered the answers lay with the ancient Egyptians who used wax based makeup for beauty and protection. The low irritant mascara is made of plant-based ingredients and waxes including carnauba, beeswax, rice bran candelilla and ancient Moringa oil – found in Tutankhamen’s Tomb.

The ancient Egyptian Organic Moringa Oil was known as “ The Tree of Life” as it was revered by the gods for its beautifying and regenerating power. Found in all of the Eye Of Horus Goddess Eye Pencils and Goddess Mascaras.

Recently we visited Egypt to explore the sacred land and learn more about its ancient knowledge and culture. Read more below and check out the gallery full of images from our travels.


Egypt is most famous for it's three amazing Pyramids and Sphinx located in the main city, Cairo. They were built with such precision that our current technology cannot replicate it. For example, The Pyramid of Menkaure, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Great Pyramid of Khufu are precisely aligned with the Constellation of Orion.

We were lucky in that a friend of ours had visited before and became friends with a well known Egyptian family, the Awyans, who lived right next to our hotel in Egypt. So the daughter of the family, Shahrzad, took us on a private tour of the Pyramids on our first day.

Shahrzad pointed out to us sea shell fossils that were in the ground and on the rocks from when water use to surround the structures. A time when Egyptians would gather their sacred water from the bottom of the Sphinx. Also educated us on the different stones scattered around the area which had once been part of the Pyramids such as limestone and granite. An abundence of Quartz and Agate where also present. Lastly, we ventured into the Kings Chamber inside The Great Pyramid where Shahrzad sang for us and showed us the amazing sound vibrations it produces.


The Egyptians have a tradition where if you compliment someone on something they are wearing or own - they just give it to you. So we quickly learnt to not compliment as we were getting so many gifts! However this showed us some lovely traits of the people - giving, willing to share, kind and not so attached to material aspects like the Western culture.

According to their government census approximately 90% of the population are Muslim and 10% are Christian. However after spending time with the Awyan family and meeting all of their friends and connections... it was clear to us that there was a decent percentage of Egyptians who don't necessarily follow religion rather they follow their inner guidance and trust in the Divine Universe. They taught us to say "yakini yakini" meaning "I am protected by positive light."

Egyptian food is a wonderful mix of spices and herbs with fresh bread baked daily in most households. Being vegan, we had plenty of options to eat tapas style foods such as hummus, falafels, cooked vegetables, lentil soup, and the list goes on..

Overall such a special trip for us - inspiring us to continue on the path of Awakening The Goddess Within. Looking forward to returning again in the future to discover more!