On the Journal// Winter Skincare Advice with Kailo Wellness

As we adapt to the cooler season, so should our skincare.

We spoke to Carol, Spa Manager and Leading Skin Specialist at Kailo Wellness Medispa, who offers her expertise on how to combat winter blues, brittle skin and breakouts, with self-care and the right ingredients.

Kailo Wellness Medispa is a complete wellness sanctuary, combining ancient wisdom with modern techniques, to support radiance and vitality, inside and out.

1. Is it important to adapt your skincare routine when entering the cooler seasons?

Yes, absolutely. Our skin changes all the time, so regular skin analysis is so important to ensure we are using the correct products. This is even more essential during the cooler months when low humidity levels (and our tendency to take longer, hotter showers), means that the skin can lose 25% more of its natural hydration!

2. The change in climate has made my skin look a little lackluster- what natural ingredients/ vitamins should we look for when wanting to hydrate the skin?

Collagen and Zinc are great for the skin, and taking these orally can help. KAILO Look Well Is a great tasting collagen drink that helps with dull skin. High in Vitamin C, it also helps to boost the body’s own natural collagen production. Its formula targets cellular renewal and supports our skin from the inside out.

3. I have been satiating my dehydrated, winter skin with face oil, but I am concerned I will break out. Is face oil beneficial, or unhelpful for breakouts, or acne prone skin?

The acid mantle of the skin (the skin’s outer layer) is predominantly made up of oil and amino acids. When this barrier is impaired, we tend to notice unfavourable conditions of the skin such as dryness and irritation. It is important to keep both oil and water balanced within the skin. Using an oil, such as the Seven Seed Sacred Oil, can enhance the natural barrier of the skin. However, hydration and dryness are two different things, and breakouts are not always associated with an overflow of oil either.

4. The more skincare the better- true or false?

False - Skincare is so individual and can be adapted to suit all lifestyles. A few key products, targeted to your individual needs and used regularly as part of your skincare routine, can be sufficient. It is better to be taking care of your skin with minimal products, than being too overwhelmed and not using anything.

5. Like us, you have an affinity for self-care and wellness. Why do you think it’s important to incorporate a beauty ritual into your daily routine?

As busy women, in Modern Times, we have lost a little of the sacred art of ritual. Finding time throughout our day to instill self-care, can be so nourishing for the soul, as well as the skin. To take a moment and give back to the body, that so often gives to others. Self-care is important for us all. If we are able to take the time to look after us, we can look after everyone else that little bit better. Lives are busy these days, so doing something that makes you feel good and maybe, in turn, look good, is worth it.

6. What is your go-to beauty/skincare tip?

Hydration is key! If our skin is hydrated we see a lot fewer issues. A well-hydrated skin is less sensitive and reactive and allows active ingredients to better penetrate and nourish the layers. This in turn assists the skin to achieve that lovely overall glow, we so desire.

For any questions or advice on which products are best suited to you, reach out to the team over email, Instagram, Facebook or live chat.