Motherhood & Daily Rituals with Jess Kent

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the nurturing power of women, in all renditions. At Eye of Horus, we understand that being a Mother isn't just reflective of the traditional form, so we would like to extend our gratitude and love to the yet-to-be Mothers, the Mothers who have lost, and the Mothers who are no longer with us.



Jess Kent radiates warmth, she is sincere and refreshingly down-to-earth. She is consistently, and lovingly, sharing her adoration for her children - her mission to be the best version of herself is transparent.

A natural beauty, Jess has an affinity for all things wellness and self-care, so it seemed kismet that we would partner with her on The Beauty Ritual Set, in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Here, Jess shares her insights and tips on Motherhood, her non-negotiable beauty rituals and the Eye of Horus products she uses every day.



You are the epitome of super-mum. What are your insider tips and tricks for balancing motherhood, a growing platform and career?

Thank you! That is very kind, but I definitely feel like I am dropping one of the balls I am juggling some days. I am still trying to find balance (aren’t we all?), especially as the kids get older and their interests change. Our weekends are spent juggling sports, working and trying to squeeze in some fun. I definitely think surrendering to the ever changing day-to-day routine that comes with working for yourself is key. I usually try to get any work done at night time, when the kids are asleep, so that I can dedicate my afternoons and mornings to them. We also have a shared family calendar that my fiancé and I use daily. This helps when planning out our week.

To you, what is the importance of self-care and what does that look like in your day to day?

As a Mum this is vital to me. I have my non-negotiable rituals like running, working out or catching a sunrise at least once a week by myself. Movement is a huge part of my life because I know it makes me a better mother and partner. I also enjoy waking up before the kids when I can to have my coffee in peace before the day starts. Another big one for me is an uninterrupted phone call with my Mum who lives in New Zealand. Talking on the phone with three kids feels like a luxury so I always carve out time weekly to go for a walk and chat to her. She truly fills my cup!



What is the most rewarding element of motherhood, and an unexpected lesson?

There are so many rewarding elements, but ultimately I think it's just seeing your child grow into their own person. We spend the first few years doing our best to guide and teach them to be the best person they can be. You sort of plant these seeds along the way, so when you see those little moments come to life, like them helping someone else, being kind to others (and themselves) and happy, that’s when you go “ok, it’s all been worth it”. An unexpected lesson - motherhood has taught me to surrender in all areas of life. Sometimes we have to accept that we can’t control everything and surrendering to the hard moments has definitely helped.

What are your non-negotiable beauty items, or rituals, in your daily routine?

My beauty routine has definitely scaled down slightly over the years since having the kids, but I always use a good facial oil! Since turning 30 my skin has become more dry than oily so an oil is key for me. SPF I use SPF50 on my face and my body as soon as I get out of the shower, not just when I know I will be outside. I also can’t live without my collagen coffee!



Number one advice for mothers to be?

Trust yourself, always. Don't compare yourself or your child to anyone else, we are all walking our own unique paths. What works for one may not work for all. I would also recommend going to the beach solo as often as possible! 

Lastly, you curated our Beauty Ritual Set. Why did you choose this selection of products and what makes it the perfect Mother's Day gift?

I chose these products because they reflect my beauty routine. The oil is so incredibly luxe, paired with the Gua Sha, they create the perfect little self-care moment, which can be easily implemented into your daily routine. I use the Goddess Mascara and Lip Elixir every day, and I love that I can pop them into my travel makeup bag and use them on the go. The perfect "no-makeup" look can be achieved with all four products.



The Beauty Ritual Set is available to purchase online or in-store, at our Byron Bay Concept Store.

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