July Energetics with Natalia Benson

The emotive, etheric, dreamy, watery, lunar ruled season of Cancer the crab is upon us, towards the end of July the Sun will move into the fiery, warrior goddess archetype of Leo the lion.
This is the time to explore our inner terrain, echoed especially with 5 planets journeying retrograde, before moving into aligned & guided action and outer expression. Explore your inner world, journal. Later we will share, connect, dance & celebrate what we’ve uncovered.
There is a sacred season & precious timing to everything under the Sun and the Cosmos whisper truths to those who are willing to listen.
I’m excited to share empowering horoscopes to guide your heart and to help you feel enriched & nourished in an unprecedented year of transformation & evolution.
July Energetics with Natalia Benson
My name is Natalia Benson. I am a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Modern Mystic & practising Astrologer living in Southern California. I fuse pragmatic & mystical tools into an empowerment coaching practice for women. Part of my mission is weaving natal chart awareness, subconscious healing & money magic teachings for women to get out of their comfort zones & build the life & soul-aligned business of their dreams.
I’ve been a student of Astrology for over 10 years and just released my first book, Mystical AF, which is an astrologically inspired memoir based on my natal chart.
My Instagram is @natalia_benson and I am an Aries with a Capricorn Ascendant.
This is a month of regeneration and peace for you beautiful Aries. Please rest your tired bones. Spaces near water, the beach, a bath can all be a part of your recharge routine this month. Plenty of sleep is encouraged, find ways to love yourself through acts of self-care and kindness.
Connect, socialize & express yourself gorgeous Taurus. This is an aligned month for you to put yourself out there. Find your words as your Solar sign rules the throat, what is something you’ve been holding back? Write it down, explore it, know it, express it.
This is a beautiful month to treat yourself, sweet Gemini. Grounding in and connecting to Earth and your senses are what this month has in store for you. Savour the moment, in the sweet company of people you love your favourite coffee, the feeling of the air in the room at this very moment. This is a rich life.
Happy Birthday beautiful Cancer, this is your Season. This month celebrates your empowerment, your fire, your vitality, your courage. “Sometimes even just to live in an act of courage” - Seneca
Honour yourself for the little & big ways you show up each and every day.
Slow down, rest, replenish your fiery heart beautiful Leo. This is an opportune time to tune into yourself & tune out from the external world for just a moment. This month asks you to explore your truth, and what feels real to you, from your soul. Be willing to listen because this is where the magic & the peace exist within you.
Connect, envision, plant the seeds of your future. This month asks you to move out of the moment for a moment, and explore your vision for the world you want to see. First, begin with the wishes you have for your own life, dream bigger. Then, hold a prayer for the world at large. You can create an impact this way, you are truly that powerful.
Legacy, impact, empowerment through career. Do you feel fulfilled and aligned with the core of who you are within what you do for work my beautiful Libra? Explore the questions, feel into the answers. Journal your insights. If necessary you could birth an entirely new chapter now.
Awaken your optimism, open the horizons of your mind & celebrate the brilliant possibilities ahead of you gorgeous Scorpio. This is a time of blessings, expansion, exploration, learning & growth for you. The cards are on the table, how will you play the hand?
Depth, sensuality, a slow celebration of your inner knowing. This month for you explores the magic of your deep intuition and the subtleties around you. If you are quiet, and your willingness to listen, the magic can reveal itself to you. Seek pleasure in stillness, meditate.
Connect, reach out, you are not alone beautiful Capricorn. As the Sun journeys through your opposite sign, you explore the beauty of opposites, especially in the form of another: a relationship, a conversation. Because something shared is beautiful. Reach out.
Take care of the sacred vessel of your body gorgeous Aquarius. Ground in & connect to Earth, take your shoes off and centre yourself, nourish your busy mind. A balance can be cultivated this month that sets the tone for the rest of the year, find a balance between work, rest, play.
Your creativity has the propensity to inspire beautiful Pisces. Are there any creative pursuits that have been calling to you lately? From picking up a paintbrush to crafting a social media post, playing with a child, smiling at a stranger, see all things as a creative act, and have fun with the Universe.
Colour Energetics of July
Natalia Benson
Learn more about Natalia here, or follow her on Instagram @natalia_benson

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