We have been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you these magical beauties! We’re so excited to introduce our new Velvet Lips in 10 seductive shades.

Whichever you choose, or maybe they choose you, you can be assured of the highest quality deluxe experience with their kiss-proof long lasting formula that delivers a full-coverage look that lasts all day.

Our new Velvet lips range comes in 10 seductive shades. The velvet-matte formula with lip nourishing actives and deep colour pigment glides on effortlessly for a smooth, comfortable feel and full-coverage colour that lasts all day. Innovative push button teardrop container makes it easy for a quick defined application.

The classic velvet-matte formula feels sensational on your lips, featuring natural active ingredients which support rehydration and nourishment. You'll never want to take her off.

The revolutionary design delivers the perfect amount of product with the click of your fingers. Simply click the push button to release the lipstick and glide onto lips with the teardrop shaped tip. This tip design allows for a perfectly precise line. Slim-stick packaging means she's the ultimate wing-woman, easily fitting in your purse to come everywhere with you.
The lipstick range is inspired by the ancient science of colour and alchemy. Appreciated today for its aesthetic qualities, colour during ancient times was also revered for its magical and medicinal properties. The creation of coloured pigments was part of the science of alchemy, the forerunner of modern chemistry. Concerned with the transformation of matter, alchemy was closely tied to artistic practice and beauty.
Meet your ten seductive shades and discover your #velvetalterego