She's on fire - Vesta Red

Our new Vesta Red Bio Lipstick shade is here just in time for the festive season and she is coming in red hot! We love love this new classic shade. This beauty is formulated exactly the same as the rest of the Bio Lipstick range with a satin blend of lip moisturising ingredients sourced from nature to nurture and plump lips. The Bio Lipstick range is 98% Organic, 100% Vegan and infused with a naturally sourced marine botanical which promotes nourishment and redensifies the lip tissues for a plumping effect.

This new lipstick shade was inspired by Vesta the Goddess of fire, hearth and home. When you wear her on your lips you embody her fiery energy and protective qualities. The embers in her eyes reflect a fire in your heart while her warm embrace offers you and your loved ones protection in the home and all of life’s endevours.

Vesta’s story and origin was fascinating to us and is one to be shared. The legend says that Vesta was the first born daughter of the Titans Kronos and Rhea. Kronos swallowed all the brothers and sisters except one, ‘Jupiter’ who rescued and freed all of his siblings.

Vesta was the only goddess to be immune to the love spells of Venus and although her beauty seduced all the male gods she was the only wanted to remain an eternal virgin. This is how she became the symbol of the heart, family and household as she was seen to protect the home.

In ancient Rome a temple was dedicated to Vesta in the Roman Forum where her sacred fire burned. The flames were kept alive and were guarded by priestesses, the Vestal Virgins. The Romans believed that if this fire was to ever go out it would bring bad luck across the Roman empire.

 A powerful Goddess that protected our nearest and dearest in the most important place in our lives – our home.