One Billion Rising Beach Gathering

This year for Valentine’s Day, we spread the love by supporting the global cause One Billion Rising by attending their Byron Bay V-Day Beach Dance event. This is an annual event held on Main Beach to raise awareness about violence against women and girls, a cause which we personally feel called to support.
Shocking statistics say that one in three women will be sexually abused over their lifetime.. so it is up to us to stand (or in this case dance) together to bring more awareness about this topic. It was amazing to see so many strong women at the event raise their hand when asked if they have been affected by abuse before. Even more amazing, was the energy of love present during the event, inspiring people to release during the dance.
The V-Day event certainly made waves that morning, with everyone arriving dressed in red and then performing a choreographed dance together on the beach with a large PA system. A truly empowering experience to be a part of. This year in 2018 was the largest turn out they have had in 8 years with over one hundred people showing up in support.
A week before Valentine’s Day we ran a V-Day flash sale where we were then able to donate 10% of the sales to the One Billion Rising Cause. We thank our Goddess Tribe for shopping with us, which in turn helped support other Goddesses worldwide.
You can learn more about this great cause via their website here: