As part of our Goddess Giving program, we have teamed up with the local not-for-profit Future Dreamers Girls Club for an ancient Egyptian inspired Goddess Gathering.

Why Future Dreamers? At Eye Of Horus we are passionate about giving back where we can - especially to women and children. Being able to support local not-for-profit causes that align with our passion is such a rewarding experience.

At Future Dreamers they facilitate workshops, events & unique experiences for teen girls and young women. They inspire them to be confident, creative & active members of our community and planet. 

"We are aware of our responsibility, as a collective of diversely skilled women linked to a wider community, to provide support and guidance required for girls to not only thrive but also transition into healthy women. Adolescence is the locus of both our crisis and opportunity. At Future Dreamers we recognise the potency of this; the myriad of influences and modern-day challenges, questions and explorations that shape the forming individual. Always, but especially throughout this time, we are motivated to know our girls more deeply, to listen to them, support them and inspire them to find what makes their hearts sing. To offer them grounded yet imaginative, open-minded and creative perspectives on how they might choose to think, act, love, look and be. We believe that our young women hold within them great magic and unbridled potential to express, love and contribute to the world in their own valuable way." ~ Future Dreamers

~ Eye Of Horus Cosmetics X Future Dreamers ~

We chose to have our event on 20th December aligning with the once a year Summer Solstice. We embodied the spirit of the Sun Goddess by featuring our Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette & Copper Sphinx Liquid Metal Liner in gift packs for the girls.

~ About Eye Of Horus ~

To begin we had EOH co-owner Amy meet all the girls and give an inspiring talk on how the brand started at local markets just selling the Goddess Mascara .. and how it has now evolved into an internationally recognised brand. 


Next we had local makeup artist Phoebe from Phoebe Fever perform a makeup demonstration on EOH model Raquel. First she demonstrated a simple natural look and then transformed Raquel into an Isis Sun Goddess using metallics. Phoebe gave an empowering talk on her career journey and showed the girls what goes into her special makeup kit. 

After the makeup demonstration, all of the girls received their own EOH makeup pack and had fun doing their own makeup with the help of Phoebe.

Once everyone had been adorned in EOH goodies.. Rosie from Taiga Rose Jewellery guided the girls through a special Sun Solstice Goddess meditation using Yellow Onyx crystals. After the meditation, the girls created Solar Plexus mandalas with sun related crystals and yellow flowers. Rosie gifted each girl their special crystal that was part of their meditation and mandala.

It was a beautiful afternoon spent in the Future Dreamers clubhouse where the girls were able to get together and enjoy all things beauty & joyful during the festive season.

Pictures by Josh Hedge. Event styling and organising by Cait Provan. Model - Raquel Esteban.