Your Festive Holiday Looks 2017

 Tis that season to get festive!! It's time to look on the bright side and play with bold colours to add a bit of festive cheer. It's all about a bit of shimmer and shine to give you that holiday glow. We loved playing with metallics mixed with bright hues this year.

We've got you covered this festive season for all your party looks. Check out some of our favourite looks below!


Nothing says holidays and celebration like a little bit of sparkle. It’s a time to go bold and experiment with shimmering eyes. Adding metallics to your party look instantly transforms you from day to night and makes your eyes pop.



Get in the holiday spirit and make your eyes pop! Be sure to get noticed with these festive looks this season. The focus this year is on eye opening colours. Silver hues with bright blues/purples are great for stand out looks this year. Different skin tones work best with different colours. For fair skin silver hues work a treat, where as darker skin tones work best with hues of blue, in particular with brown eyes.

Click on the video links below to watch our tutorials for these gorgeous looks.


Start the look by applying the ‘Silver Eclipse’ shade from the Sekhmet Palette to your lid and around the eye for a shimmer effect. Combine the white goddess pencil with our Ancient Pewter Metallic Liquid Liner (Silver) and apply to your upper lash line. Apply a thick drawn line with our White Goddess Pencil then add a fine silver line over the top. Moving to the bottom of the eye, use the Raven Onyx shade of the Sekhmet Palette to add a bit of smokey chrome to the lower lid and use a brush to blend. Follow this by applying the Charcoal Goddess Pencil to your water line to strengthen the darker hues that contrast the silver. Finish off this look by defining and lengthening your lashes with our Bio Mascara. 


Apply our new Lazuli Goddess pencil to the lid and blend with a brush. Shade the bottom of the lid with the Amethyst Goddess Pencil and blend the two with a brush. Moving to the bottom of the eye, apply the Lazuli pencil to the lower lid and use the Amethyst pencil on the water line. Use our silver eclipse shade from the Sekhmet Palette on the bottom lid and blend it with the Lazuli. To finish off the look, draw a silver line with our Ancient Pewter Metallic Liquid Liner and define and lengthen lashes with our Bio Mascara.