We’re Helping you Responsibly Recycle your Beauty.

We are committed to creating better beauty for people and the planet so we can collectively move towards a greener, safer and sustainable future. 
Our commitment will ensure the continuous evolution of our sustainable packaging pursuit, to establish a complete suite of recyclable, reusable or refillable beauty products, now and into the future. 
Although our products and packaging are primarily made with recycled materials, due to the size of some components, not all pieces can be recycled through commercial waste facilities. 
For this reason, we obtained a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box to ensure our customers can responsibly recycle their empties and expired products. 

Return & Recycle

We encourage our Australian customers to mail 3 or more empty beauty products at a time to be responsibly disposed of through our Terracycle Zero Waste Box™. This will ensure our customer’s empty beauty items are responsibly recycled, and deterred from landfill. Customers are also invited to drop off their empties to our Byron Bay Concept Store for recycling.
Once your packaging waste is returned to us, it is put in our Zero Waste Box then shipped to TerraCycle® where it is sorted, turned into plastic granules, and transformed into new products. 

What can you Recycle?

The Eye of Horus Zero Waste Box™ can be used to recycle any cosmetic or skincare packaging. For a complete list of items, visit the link below.

Refillable Beauty

We have worked hard to ensure our formulas are clean, conscious and considered without having to compromise on luxury. Now, we are endeavouring to ensure these standards are reflected across all Eye of Horus packaging, with our revolutionary plastic-free compacts and intelligent earth-friendly refill system. 
Our compact and refill solution is customisable, refillable and designed to last a lifetime. Visit us in-store to customise a bespoke Complexion Duo or Eyeshadow Compact, with individual refill pans or for seamless replenishment of our consciously designed, Seven Seed Sacred Oil glass bottle vessels.
Learn more about our sustainability journey and progress here.