Waste isn't Waste until it's Wasted

National Recycling Week is held each year to raise awareness about important environmental issues among Australians. The initiative is based around education, focusing on the waste hierarchy – reduce, reuse, recycle - to minimise strain on finite resources. 
This year, National Recycling Week explores the idea that Waste isn't Waste until it's Wasted. In 2022, it is all about quality over quantity, it is not about recycling more, but recycling better. Reducing our waste not only keeps valuable materials out of landfill it also benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thinking that waste isn't waste until it's wasted also provides some valuable insight into how the recycling and resource management industry works in conjunction to your efforts
Engaging and educating Australians on the importance of closing the recycling loop by buying products made with recycled content is also key to creating a sustainable future. We need to rethink our waste and see it as a resource that can be turned into new products. Keeping these materials in circulation for as long as possible benefits the environment by reducing the extraction of virgin materials for new products, as well as the water and energy it takes to make them.

Circularity Commitment

Circularity is at the forefront of product development at Eye of Horus, that is, closing the loop in the beauty industry, through the use of refillable or recyclable products.  In partnership with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), we have pledged to achieve the Government 2025 Packaging Targets, that is, ensuring a beauty suite that complements a circular economy.

 Recycling Your Beauty 

Return, Recycle, Refill 

Eye of Horus has joined Terracycle Zero Waste Box™ program in order to recycle the hard-to-recycle beauty items.
We’ve made recycling your beauty empties as seamless as possible. Simply complete a recycling form via our website to receive a prepaid shipping label. Once packaged, ship your empties back to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What can you Recycle?

The Eye of Horus Zero Waste Box™ can be used to recycle any cosmetic or skincare packaging. For a complete list of items, visit the link below.
Start Recycling

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