Timeless Beauty for Mature skin

With age comes wisdom, empowerment and a new outlook on beauty. As we mature, we believe in embracing not erasing signs of ageing. 

Eye of Horus beauty is thoughtfully made with natural ingredients and sacred oils that will provide natural coverage and high-performing results while nurturing your skin for a radiant, youthful and healthy appearance.

Letting go of old ways and experimenting with new products and techniques can revitalise your beauty regime and enhance your confidence. From creating glowing, natural skin to subtle ways to enhance the eyes and lips, here is our guide to embracing ageless beauty.

Creating radiant skin

1. Investing in a quality skin care range that cleanses, hydrates, nourishes and exfoliates is an essential step for creating a glowing base. If your skin is in a good condition, makeup will sit better on your complexion throughout the day and in turn, look more natural.

2. Apply a lightweight moisturiser to a clean face before applying a primer suited to your skin type to create a smooth, even base.

3. When choosing a foundation and concealer, hydration is key, as anything too matte and drying can result in dull looking skin. We recommended selecting a colour that is slightly warmer than your skin tone to brighten up the complexion.

Using our Triple C Concealer in your ideal shade, lightly apply under the eyes and any other desired areas  to even out the skin tone. A less-is-more approach is recommended to prevent excess product settling into any fine lines. Gently pat out the product with your finger until smooth or blend using our Vegan Concealer Brush.

4. Using the shade Bronze Ochre from Love and Light Palette, apply with the Vegan Contour Brush along the cheekbones, forehead, jawline and nose for a summery glow.

5. Using the Bio Lipstick as a creme blush in your ideal shade with pink or peach undertones, apply to the top of your cheekbones and blend out evenly with your fingers or the Vegan Contour Brush to lift and add vibrance.

6. Using the Luminous Highlighter, dot the flock applicator to the high points of your cheeks and blend out in patting motions using your finger for an illuminating glow.

Enhance the Eyes

7. In your preferred shade from the Summer Solstice Palette, using the Vegan Blending Brush, apply a small amount of product to the outer corners of your lids and blend inwards for an even transition of colour. Continue by blending underneath the lash line, then apply a lighter colour of choice to the middle and inner corners of the lids to create a wide-eyed look.

8. Tightlining is an optimal way to deepen the lash line, without the product settling into any fine lines around the eye area. Using the Goddess Pencil in Nubian Brown, tightline the upper lash line and blend underneath the bottom lash line focusing on the outer corners.

9. Begin by curling your lashes with the Goddess Lash Curler, starting at the root and clamping until your desired curl is achieved. When considering a mascara, we recommend nothing too thick and clumpy as this can weigh down the lashes as they become more brittle over time. To open up the eyes, apply even coats of the Goddess Mascara Black

Softly sculpt the Brows

10. As we age, naturally our hair thins over time. We recommend using brow products filled with nourishing ingredients including Organic Caster Oil which stimulates hair growth, such as our Brow Define pencil. The Universal Brow and Lash Serum is also designed to visibly thicken, lengthen and enhance your lashes and brows over time. 

Gif from this reel defining brows

11. Using the Brow Define in your ideal shade, in light, hair-like strokes, feather the pencil to create an arched brow and fill in gaps to give the appearance of naturally fuller brows. Complete the look by brushing the brow hairs into place.

Accentuate the Lips

12. Begin by applying the Artistry Lip Liner in your ideal shade, starting with the outer corners of your mouth, towards the cupid's bow to create symmetry. Keep in mind that anything too dark can make the lips appear smaller. This matte, long wearing formula will prevent product from bleeding throughout the day and balances out the shape of the mouth. Using the Goddess Lipstick in your preferred shade, apply to the centre of the mouth to add colour to the rest of the lips and complete the look with the Bio Lip Elixir for a glossy, non-stick finish.

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