The inspiration behind the solstice shadow palettes

It’s official! The new Solstice Shadow Palettes are now live and available online and in selected stores. To find your closest stockist, visit our Retailer Page Here. Read below to find out the story behind the creation of our first home-grown product.

 Sumer Solstice

The ancient Egyptians felt a strong link between the Scarab Beetle and the movement of the sun. The Scarab Beetle was closely linked to the Kheper Diety who depicted the first sunrise every morning and brought messages of renewal, rebirth and transformation. This Summer Solstice Palette brings you ultimate warm tones reflecting the heat of the sun. Just like a magic morning sun transforms the sky, this palette will Awaken the radiant Goddess within.

8 Shades inspired by the Cosmic Summer Solstice

Milky Way – Satin cream flecks of the stars (Satin)
Burn – Parched bronze foil (Metallic)
Burst – Metallic scorched copper gold (Metallic)
Star – Satin pink peach (Satin)
Jupiter – rich matte clay (Matte)
Flare – Metallic cranberry tone (Metallic)
Mars – Baked red earth (Matte)
Orion – Satin deep chocolate (Satin)

Winter Solstice
The moon is one of our most ancient and sacred teachers and was of particular importance to the ancient Egyptians. It held a significant connection to fertility, the divine feminine, renewal and new beginnings. The Scarab Beetle was closely linked tothe lunar cycles. The sacred beetle would roll their balls in a straight line in accordance with the moon and once their day was over it would illuminate their way home. This Winter Solstice palette brings you ultimate cool tones reflecting the Winter Moon whilst illuminating your divine feminine goddess with highly pigmented shadows for blending perfection.

8 Shades inspired by the Cosmic Winter Solstice:

Dust - Cool matte base (Matte)
Halo - Metallic lunar dust (Metallic)
Super Nova - Illuminating rose gold (Metallic)
Orbit – Red earth (Matte)
Arc - Metallic copper bronze (Metallic) 
Axis - Pure baked terracotta (Matte)
Cloud - Deep cool chocolate (Matte)
Cosmic - Night sky charcoal (Satin)


We produce our products all over the world from Italy to Korea, at some of the best manufacturers which meet our standards of safe and high performing cosmetics enriched with the beauty of nature.

 It has always been a dream of ours to be able to produce our products in our hometown Byron Bay, Australia. This is because the process of developing a new product is extensive and has its hurdles to conquer, and by having a close relationship with our manufacture we can communicate more often to brainstorm and collaborate for the best result possible.

 Around the area we live, manufacturer resources are limited for us to work within our needs. However, early 2018 we were blessed to meet and begin work with a great local manufacture on the Solstice Shadow Palettes and some other exciting products in our new product development.

 We are 100% satisfied with the colours, quality and pay-off of these new shadows and are so excited to finally be launching them out into the world.

The ingredients of the Solstice Shadows are of the highest quality 100% naturally derived and organic, to deliver a safe and high performing end result. Read below to see why we hand-selected these key ingredients for the Solstice Shadow Palettes.

Desert Clay: Replaces Talc and keeps the colour locked in for a long lasting finish.
Moringa: Highest antioxidant known with essential moisturizing and healing benefits. 

Golden Seal: Protects the delicate eye area and acts as an antibacterial. 

Olive Leaf Extract: An anti-aging fighter and anti-inflammatory.