The best eyeliner colours for your eyes

With a New Year upon us, we can’t help but think about trying something new and getting creative with our makeup looks. We feel that the easiest and quickest way to change things up is by using a new coloured eyeliner. 
Did you know that we have twelve different Goddess Eye Pencils and five different Liquid Eyeliners? If you’re yet to find that eyeliner colour that really makes your eyes pop, this blog post is for you!
We’d like to start by making a note on our beloved Smokey Black Goddess Pencil and Black Liquid Define Liner - they are best-sellers for a reason, and that reason is that black is a universally flattering shade that suits all eye and skin tones. 
However, today we are here to inspire you to try something new, something that may just suit you even better than your favourite black liner.
So, you may be wondering what colour of eyeliner would suit you best, and please know that all of our eyeliner shades have been carefully selected to be user-friendly to all eye colours. But when it comes to really enhancing your natural eye colour, there are certain shades that can work wonders for you. Check it out below! 

Blue eyes really suit warm tones of bronze, copper and brown. The contrast of warm and cool makes the colour in blue eyes intensify. Try our Bronze Amulet, Copper Sphinx, Nubian Brown and Babylon Brown eyeliners. 

Brown eyes are enhanced with vivid colours of blues and greens. These bright colourful shades balance nicely with the deeper brown colour of your eyes. Try our Teal Malachite, Lazuli Blue, Ancient Pewter and Emerald Green eyeliners.  

Green and hazel eyes match perfectly with purple. This unique combination gives a sensational result for dazzling eyes. Gold, bronze and copper tones also really highlight them. Try our Jewel Amethyst, Bronze Amulet, Alchemy Gold and Imperial Bronze eyeliners.

All in all, the easiest way to choose the best colour for your eyes is to find a shade that is the most opposite to your eyes. It’s all about contrast not competing. Remember this is only a guide, and the best way for you to find out is to have fun trialling different shades and looks.

Anyone can look amazing in coloured eyeliner with the right tips and tricks! Here’s how.

1. Style matters
First, you’ll need to decide where you want your pop of colour to be. If you’re thinking upper lid, you have the option of either a liquid or pencil eyeliner. However, liquids can be a bit tricky on the lower lash line so it’s best to stick with pencils for that area. 

Our creamy Goddess Pencils can be used for a bold cat eye, subtle smokey eye or even blended into an eyeshadow. Our Metallic Liquid Liners are designed to give you a vivid pop of bold colour, however you can also use a brush or your finger to blend them into a soft shimmery eyeshadow!

2. Start small 
If you’re not yet a confident coloured eyeliner wearer, start on a smaller scale by lining your eyes with a fine black line and then lining them with your coloured eyeliner right along with the black. Slightly blend them into each other and ta-da! You have a subtle hint of fun colour. 

3. Keep it simple
This ones simple, keep it simple! Let your eyes be the star of the show and stick to using neutral tones for the rest of your makeup. 

We recommend our Artemis Nude Bio Lipstick for your lips and our Love and Light Illuminating Palette for your cheeks.