Our local Byron music festival Splendour In The Grass will be on this month 21st-24th. Splendour has been held annually since 2001 and has been held near Byron Bay for all but two years since it began.
The festival began as a one-day gathering to cater for Australia's winter season (a period that had traditionally been associated with very few events of this nature), eventually the festival evolved into a two-day event in 2002. As of 2014, the capacity of the three-day festival is 30,000 and it is considered the country's largest winter music festival.
Splendour brings a huge amount of buzz to our little Byron town. Even the weeks coming up to the festival have a certain festive feel about them as everyone is preparing for the long awaited festival. Our colourful and metallic options in the range go crazy around festival time & will be stocked at Splendour in the "Angels & Rockstars" stall.
We asked local Byron fashion designer, Sarah Lamkin, to shed some light on her favourite go-to Splendour styles. Sarah owns and designs her own fashion label Ophelia The Label.. while also full time designer for Spell & The Gypsy Collective. She has just released a new magical collection in time for Splendour.
“My favourite go to Splendour looks are a mix between practicality, femininity and sassiness! Big sunnies, outlandish textiles and dewy, angelic makeup, all whipped up with some 70’s platforms that will keep you high in the sky, away from that not so Splendid mud!" ~ Sarah Lamkin
Cartia Mallan is another inspiring local Byron goddess well known from her social media channels. Talking about festival style, she told us "My favourite festival styles always include lots of glitter, fun & bright colours! I love seeing people express themselves and their own individual style through their festival outfits !" If you havn't seen Cartia's recent video all about Eye Of Horus Cosmetics, watch below & enjoy :