Mama Muse: Helena Vestegaard



There are endless ways we could describe Helena Vestergaard and the alluring beauty she carries within her, but there is a role that eclipses that of modelling, acting and icon status: Motherhood. Melbourne-born, she now dwells in Sydney’s Northern Beaches surrounding herself with her family, nature and art, soaking up the fresh season of beauty the calling to family and motherhood brings. This is the kind of beauty Helena Vestergaard is now grounded so deeply in. Her natural charm and mystique is only reaching new heights playing her role in in what has been called the

highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind.”

We interviewed her, so all of our Eye of Horus goddesses can better get to know the beauty, confidence and mystique of a magnificent mama-hero.   
What makes you feel the most powerful?
Being a Mother.
What is you’re beauty routine?
I exfoliate my body and moisturise whenever I can. I wash my face everyday and make sure I moisturise straight after also. I have dry skin so I like to use natural oils to make my skin nice and soft.
What’s the best thing about being a woman?
For me its being able to carry and grow a human inside you.
I mean what a special thing!
What was your greatest adventure?
Definitely becoming a mother, and the adventure never ends
What is your go to make up look?
I am really bad at doing make up but I always love to enhance my eyes!
So definitely a messy brown eye shadow and mascara.
And if I'm feeling frisky ill attempt a subtle cat eye 
What do you look for in a make up brand? (Performance? Natural ingredients?)
Yes and Yes.. as natural as you can get with the product still doing a good job.
And always cool packaging
Has your outlook on beauty and what it means to be a woman changed after becoming a mum?
Oh definitely.  For me I realised that its so important to love yourself and be content with what you were born with as you will be teaching this beautiful little creature what you preach.
What is your favourite Eye of Horus Product?
Everything!!..... But if i had to pick one, the mascara is AMAZING
I use it all the time!