Holiday Skin Essentials

The warmer months lend toward a low-maintenance, less-is-more approach to our makeup rituals — it’s also a time for celebrating your natural beauty.
As the days get longer, the makeup look becomes more about accentuating glow, natural flush and subtle dew. This can mean a more streamlined and simple routine. Instead of carefully curated contours and layers of coverage, the focus is on highlighters and bronzers that enhance the beauty that’s already there. 
These are the summer essentials everyone needs, regardless of skin type, tone and age, to make the most of the season ahead.


Summer is for lightweight textures, sun protection and oil-absorbing finishes. Warm weather, especially when steamy, is going to leave your skin slick and shiny with oil and sweat. Keep your complexion clear and glowing, not greasy, by using a lightweight foundation with mineral SPF protection. The Ritual Skin Foundation Stick with SPF30+ is a staple this Summer.


Humidity and heat can wreak havoc on even the most minimal no-makeup makeup look so opting for a smudge-proof formula in Summer is imperative. The Goddess Mascara offers waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof benefits, with no flaking or fallout, making it a staple in your beauty bag this summer and beyond. 


We’re all for low-maintenance beauty routines in Summer — especially when it comes to brows. The Dual Brow Perfect will effortlessly fill and define your brows and best of all, you can set and forget with the dual-ended brow lamination gel. 


Glassy lips in hues ranging from nude to deep vermillion and bitter orange have been spotted gliding down the spring/summer 2022 runway — recreate this look with your chosen shade of Velvet Lips and layer with the Lip Elixir to bring the shine this summer. 

Makeup Masterclass

Wanting to brush up on your technique or learn to create a new look? Book in for a personalised, one-one professional makeup lesson and receive a custom beauty ritual complete with product and shade recommendations for your complexion.