Golden Standard

Gold has been a sign of royalty though the ages. Embodying the symbolic significance of love, compassion, courage, illumination, passion, and mystical wisdom it has been desired and sought out in many lands. Egypt was known as the “Golden Land” of the Ancient world, it was here gold was believed to be the flesh of the sun god, Ra. The ‘Golden Lands' of a modern era take form in a diversity of cultures, expressions and uniqueness, yet the reverence for this precious metal has stayed much the same.
The connection between gold and the sun has also withstood the test of time. Golden sun-kissed skin and ethereal luminosity alludes to the elegance and grace of a modern goddess. Gold is a staple in our makeup bag. When paired with a natural look, a hint of gold reminds you of your royalty in the every day. A modern day queen wears gold makeup like expensive jewelry, elegant and soft yet, eternal.

Forever in style you can glitz it up or just add a bit of shimmer. The most versatile precious metal you can get your hands on. Check out these looks below - get inspired and coat yourself in shimmer and shine!