Goddess Feature - Cleo & Artemis

With the release of our exciting new lipstick range we decided to delve a little deeper into our ancient Goddesses that inspired our beautiful shades. Each Goddess inspires and empowers us in a different way and urges us to look at different parts of ourselves. They each bring with them a different message and lesson. We can all take inspiration from these women, channel their energies to feel empowered and beautiful every day.

This week we decided to feature our Royal Celestial Cleo and Nature Goddess Artemis. We hope these Goddesses will inspire you as much as they do our team here at Eye of Horus.
|   C L E O P A T R A   -  R O Y A L   C E L E S T I A L  G O D D E S S   |

As queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is known to be one of the most powerful female influencers in history. Her striking beauty and mysterious personality has left a mark on this world, with her iconic makeup style still being replicated in modern times. She claimed to be the reincarnation of the most famous Egyptian Goddess Isis – who represents creativity and magic. Cleo certainly weaved her magic to create her Egyptian empire… with her astounding beauty and intelligent moves, she was able to liaise with some of the most influential leaders of Ancient Rome to establish her royal position.

Cleo represents the fiery, passionate and independent Goddess. She makes you feel beautiful, feminine yet powerful helping you unleash your inner queen. She is quietly confident but her fiery side ignites the passion within you. This royal urges you to tune into your Queen and take action.
|   A R T E M I S    -   N A T U R E   G O D D E S S   |

Artemis is the ultimate natural Goddess. With a deep connection to her surroundings of wild flora and fauna, she takes pride in protecting natures beauty and giving back what she takes. She honours the divine feminine, with a passion for supporting women by inspiring them to be more loving and compassionate towards themselves and others. Her courageous heart of gold shines and lights up the darkness, allowing her to always see the truth and beauty in all situations.

Artemis encourages getting back to your roots, going inwards to find courage and independence. She brings with her a birth of new ideas and a message to follow your heart and go for your dreams. With this powerful goddess by your side you will never miss your target.