Get The Look Siren Eyeliner

A fresh take on the classic winged eyeliner, siren eyes is an elongated eyeliner look that transforms your eye shape into one that is more almond-shaped and narrower for a sultry and seductive effect.
In Greek mythology, a siren is a symbol of seduction; this is the essence of the beauty craze. It's both mysterious and captivating to look at. They are also a striking alternative to beauty’s more pared trends of the moment. 
As with any eyeliner or eyeshadow technique, some practice may be required to make perfect. Read on to discover everything you need to know about it, as well as how to effortlessly replicate it yourself.

What is Siren Eyeliner

Siren eyes give the illusion of a narrow and elongated cat-eye shape. In addition to the classic winged liner on the outer corner, siren eyes typically line the inner corner as well.
You can use a combination of eyeliner and eyeshadow to achieve the look — with any colour you like, really, though the most common for this ultra-seductive look would be deep brown or black.

How to Create Siren Eyeliner Look

First things first, select your eyeliner of choice. Whether you’re going for a classic black winged eyeliner, or something a little more colourful, we recommend using a pen liner to achieve the sharpest precision. The Liquid Define is available in black and brown and will allow for ultimate precision. If you prefer a smokier, sultry effect, or want a pop of colour, choose your preferred shade from the Goddess Pencil Collection.
If you’re worried about not having a steady hand, we recommend using cosmetic tape as a guide, alongside some cotton buds and makeup remover or concealer to tidy up any mistakes.

1. Create the base of your eye look. 

In this look, we opted for a clean base with no eyeshadow, however if you are looking for added depth or intensity, you can begin with a base layer of eyeshadow. In that instance, you would use eyeshadow and a fluffy eyeshadow brush to create a long, outward shape along your upper and lower lash lines. Start with a lighter shade of eyeshadow, then switch to a darker one to intensify the "V" shape on your outer corners.

2. Trace the wing with eyeliner. 

You can use liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner for this technique, so opt for the type of liner you feel most comfortable with. For siren eyes, the angle of the wing you draw is more important than the product type you use. Instead of extending the lash line from your upper eyelid (the traditional way), try extending the line from your bottom water line for a lower flick that brings the eye out rather than up.

3. Connect the flick to your lashes. 

If you used a pencil liner, blend the line into your upper and lower lash lines with a dense shadow brush or the smudging tip on the end of your Goddess Pencil to connect the wing to your eye. If you used liquid liner, continue the line onto your lash line and taper it off toward the centre of your eyelid.

4. Define your inner corners. 

Grab your eyeliner of choice and trace the water line on your inner corners. Although you can trace the entire length of your eye, we recommend focusing on the corners and keeping the liner thin in the middle of the lids to really elongate the shape. If you're using a pencil liner or eyeshadow, you'll then want to use a small angled brush to pull the line outward toward your nose and extend your inner corners. To keep the liner from smudging, we suggest using a waterproof or sweatproof liner and then setting it in place with powder eyeshadow.

5. Finish with mascara. 

Load up your outer lashes with mascara to emphasise the elongated shape you just created. 
Made a mistake? Don’t worry! You can fix any mishaps with a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover or concealer.

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