Get the look: Awaken Rituals

Our morning makeup rituals have a beautiful way of setting the tone for the day ahead of us. We all know that if we are looking and feeling good, our decisions and actions come from a place of clarity and confidence.
So, let’s take a look at some of the best makeup hacks to help us look and feel awakened in the mornings.
First up, we want to frame the face by defining and filling in brows for a result of a well balanced face. It’s amazing how much taking the time to do your brows can really bring your features to life.


The eyes, the stars of the show! Let’s transform those tired morning eyes into awakened and bright stars. To do this, it’s best to work with pencils that a) conceal redness and brighten eyes and b) define and shape the eyes. We recommend nude and white pencils, along with a black or brown liner.


Finish off your morning look with just a touch of colour to your lips to highlight them. We don’t want to overdo it in the morning with a bright tone, so a neutral nude or pink will do just fine. Feel free to go a little bit over your natural lip line to enhance and plump them up a bit. We won’t tell anyone.


Watch the ‘How-to awaken and brighten your eyes’ tutorial below and learn the steps to create it for yourself. 


Step 1:
Using the Brow Define, groom brow hairs and then apply hair like flicks filling in gaps and defining brow shape.
Step 2: Using the Brow Fibre Extend, brush through brow for added volume and to set.
Step 3: Using the Sahara Nude Eye Pencil, contour your brows for a lifted look. Then blend with a brush.

Step 4: Using the Smokey Black Eye Pencil, apply from inner top lash line to outer top lash line. Then draw a dot under your brow tail and connect the dot to the line. Use an angled brush to blend. 

Step 5: Using the Smokey Black Eye Pencil, line the lower lash line, connecting the upper and lower lines for an almond shape then blend.
Step 6: Using the Selenite White Eye Pencil, apply to lower waterline to make eyes appear brighter and more wide awake.
Step 7: Using the Goddess Lash Curler, clamp lashes and hold for five seconds  to curl them.

Step 8: Using the Universal Brow Lash Serum, coat lashes to prime.
Step 9: Using the Black Goddess Mascara, coat lashes from root to tip on upper and lower lashes. Repeat to build more volume. 
Step 10: Line lips with Arabian Sands Nude Lip Liner and coating lips in the Artemis Nude Bio Goddess Lipstick.
Step 11: Finish the look with a glossy coat of the Bio Lip Elixir.