Festive Reds

Nothing says it’s festive season more than a red lippy! If there’s one shade we suggest for celebrating the end of year and all the feelings of love that come with it, it’s for sure a red.

At Eye of Horus Cosmetics, we have a diverse range of red shades throughout our Bio, Velvet and Lip Liner ranges. So read on to find your perfect red, and watch our Festive Reds try on videos below.

 The decadent Bio Goddess Lipstick range is 98% natural origin and 100% vegan. A lusciously satin blend of lip moisturising ingredients sourced from nature to nurture and plump lips. 


Vesta was the Goddess of hearth, home and family. The perfect bright red inspired by her passion for love. The Bio Goddess Lipstick Vesta suits all skin tones, and can be worn with any eye look, the ultimate red. https://www.eyeofhoruscosmetics.com/collections/lips/products/bio-lipstick-vesta-red

The Velvet Lips collection is a velvet-matte formulation packed full of lip nourishing actives and deep colour pigments that glide on effortlessly for a full coverage and long-lasting application. You can enjoy all of the benefits from Moringa Seed Oil, Arnica, Chamomile, and Cranberry Extracts, each offering unique properties that will enhance, nourish and protect your lips. An innovative push-button teardrop container makes it easy for a quick, defined application.


Vamp is a deep red hue with a hint of brown undertone that suits a medium-deep skin complexions. Pair it with a soft brown smokey eye for maximum impact.


Temptress Orange, the same says it all. This shade is an alluring bold orange, that knows no boundaries. Bright and fun! It tends to suit fairer skin tones, but wearable by all. Pair it with a bold black cat-eye for a statement look.


Bewitched – An enlightening fusion of red & orange, leaving a Mulberry aftermath.

Bewitched offers a deep red hue with a hint of mulberry undertone, suitable for all skin tones. Pair it with a beautiful golden eye and jet black lashes for a stunning party look.


Vixen is another classic shade of red, similar to Vesta, but in a deeply pigmented matte formula.

The Artistry Lip Liners were designed to compliment the Bio Lipsticks for a complete full look with incredible staying power. Create the perfect outline with our creamy, richly pigmented calligraphy liner, in an easy mechanical pencil. The Artistry Lip Liners can also be worn as a stand alone full lip shade! Complete your look with the Bio Lip Elixir, for a juicy hydrated finish.


Persian Chilli is a deep red shade with a brown undertone that tends to suit medium-deep skin complexions. Pair it with the Vesta Red Bio Lipstick, or wear on its own for a sultry goddess look.


Pure Scarlet is the ultimate rich classic red in a lip liner. Outline lips or fill in for a sensual confident lip. Pairs well with the Vesta Red Bio Lipstick or Vixen Velvet Lips.

 Beauty Vlogger, and soon to be mumma, Michelle Geyer, featured our reds collection in her most recent ‘Festive Lips’ try-on video. Watch below!