Festive Looks from Eye of Horus HQ

The festive season is upon us yet another year! A time of celebration, friendship, giving, reflection and winding down. This time of year is also one of the busiest and amongst the flurry of wrapping up work, finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones and attending all the Christmas parties we sometimes forget about ourselves! Don't forget about you this year! Create a beautiful festive look this season that lights you up and the room you're about to walk into.

Stuck for Holiday Beauty inspo? We have you covered! The girls at HQ have been busy creating their favourite festive looks for the season and they wanted to share their easy tips and tricks to create the perfect holiday look for every Goddess.
|  Meet Anna  |
She is the Graphic Design extraordinaire who magically transforms ideas into the divine. She is all about simplicity. An artistic winged liner with a pop of colour on the lips is her go to holiday look. 

Anna uses: the Universal Brow Lash Serum for sculpted natural looking brows, the Black Liquid Define for a winged liner and the Bio Lash Lift Mascara for defined eyes. Last but not least a beautiful splash of red on the lips for that extra pop of colour with our Vixen Velvet Lips shade.

Anna's tip: Double the Universal Brow Lash Serum as a primer on the lashes to make them bolder, longer and more luscious.

Stuck on how to do a winged liner? Check out our instagram page @eyeofhoruscosmetics to see Anna create her full look and a winged liner in only a few easy steps.

|  Meet Amy  |
Amy is the Co-Founder and Sales Director she inspires and leads the team of sales angels and retail groups.
She is all about smouldering kohl rimmed eyes and bright lips.
Amy uses: the Universal Brow Lash Serum in combination with the Brow Define for sculpted brows with definition, the Black Smokey Pencil on her water line for smouldering eyes, a touch of shimmer with the Copper Metallic Liner and Goddess Mascara for long luscious lashes. Amy finished off the look with a pop of Mulberry with our seductive Velvet Lips.

Amy's tip: Add a bit of lippy o your cheeks for that rosy holiday glow.

Stuck on how to get eyes that pop? Check out our instagram page  @eyeofhoruscosmetics to see Amy create her full look in only a few easy steps.
|  Meet Katie  |
She is the Marketing Intern Queen with a photographic talent . She is all about adding a little shimmer and shine. Check out her golden girl festive look.
Katie uses: the Brow Define for bold brows and Universal Brow Lash Serum to groom and sculpt, The Maat Shadow Palette to shape and make her eyes pop (applied with our essential brush kit), the Gold Metallic Liquid Liner for that festive shimmer, the Goddess Mascara for long luscious lashes, the White Goddess Pencil on the waterline, finished off with our seductive Vamp Velvet Lipstick.

Amy's tip: Double our Maat Palette as a brow powder for extra definition.

Stuck on how to get eyes that pop? Check out our instagram page  @eyeofhoruscosmeticsto see Katie create her full look in only a few easy steps.
|  Meet Heather  |
She is the behind the scenes afficiado who relishes in everything to do with product development. She is beautiful and wise and always glamourous. She is a lover of a bit teal to bring out the blues in her eyes and a touch of pink on her lips.
Heather uses: the Brow Fibre Extend for fuller more defined brows, the Maat Shadow Palette (applied with our essential brush kit) for smokey lids accentuated with the Charcoal Goddess Pencil on the top of the lid. The Teal Goddess Pencil on the water line for a splash of colour, The Bio Lash Lift Mascara for volume infused lashes, finished off with the nourishing Bio Goddess Lipstick in Venus Pink.

Heather's tip: Double our Bio Lipstick as a blush for rosy glowing cheeks.

Stuck on how to use colour on the eyes? Check out our instagram page  @eyeofhoruscosmetics to see Heather create her full look in only a few easy steps.