Festive 'How To' Tutorials

Need some festive looks inspiration? Or just want to make your eyes GLOW & POP? We have you covered with these easy how-to tutorial video looks.
Watch the videos below and follow the steps to get the looks - you’ll be turning heads no matter where you are!

How to make your eyes POP!

This fun and colourful eye look is so simple using your favourite coloured Goddess Eye Pencil and Goddess Mascara. With 10 Pencil shades to choose from you can make it work well with any outfit. these easy how-to tutorial video looks.

Step 1: Using a coloured Goddess Eye Pencil, draw along the lash line for a bold coloured line.

Step 2: Draw a dot on your outer corner of eye where you’d like your liner wing to extend and finish at.

Step 3: Connect the lash line to the outer corner dot for an elegant wing.

Step 4: Using the Goddess Lash Curler, curl lashes by squeezing down on lashes firmly for 10 seconds.

Step 5: Using the Goddess Mascara in Black, coat lashes from root to tip. Apply another coat or two for more dramatic lashes. 

How to create glorious glowing and illuminating eyes

Step 1: Using a Metallic Liquid Liner, draw along the lash line for a bold coloured line.

Step 2: Flip the Liquid Liner tip facing outwards and align with the outer corner of eye to create the wing line, then press and draw towards the corner of eye to finish off the wing and look.

This illuminating eye look is beautiful by its simple self! However, if you want to take it to another level simply add a coat or two of your favourite Eye of Horus Mascara.

Enjoyed these looks? We’d love to hear from you! Email in and let us know what you loved and what other looks you’d love to learn about.