Celebrating the powerful goddess

Our team is forever inspired by the ancient Egyptian Goddesses and powerful women. We love to draw on their beauty, power and mystique and apply it to our own lives. We love and embrace the idea of a powerful and empowered woman. This month we wanted to celebrate all you poweful goddesses by bringing you a special offer. We are giving away our Sekhmet Eye Shadow for FREE when you purchase any two products or spend over $50.

Our Sekhmet Shadow Palette draws on the bold and fearless qualities of this ancient goddess. Create anything from simple every day looks to bold and dramatic eyes.

Sekhmet is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities. Her name is derived from the Egyptian word ‘Sekhem’ which means power or might and is often translated as the ‘Powerful One’ or ‘She who is Powerful’. She was a symbol of strength, power and healing. She was often represented as a lioness with the addition of a sun disc on her head.

To protect from evil forces she could avert plague and also cure disease. Due to her powerful qualities she was known as the ‘lady of terror’ but also as the ‘lady of life’.

This powerful goddess was known as the protector and the ancient Egyptians believed she created the desert with her breath.