Gloriously glowing and illuminating pure precious Gold metal shade in a Liquid metallic eyeliner that delivers a splash of piercing vivid colour.


Transform eyes with a swipe of Gold Liquid metal electrifying color. Formulated with brilliant mineral pigments, this liners smudge-free, felt-tipped precision applicator allows you to effortlessly highlight eyes with a burst of statement metallic colour.

IMPORTANT ~ Shake well before use. The product contains a huge amount of minerals for fabulous payoff, and these pigments can sink if unused for a while. We could solve this by adding viscosity stabilizers, but it would add chemicals to the formula resulting in possible sensitivities, and causing smudging. So shake it before use is a simple and safe solution for this.


The stunning makeup artist and blogger Monique Abel creates this look using the Eye Of Horus Cosmetics Alchemy Gold Liquid Metal.

Monique has first used the illuminating Gold Liquid Metal Liner on her lids and under the eye. She has blended the gold out to create the effect of an eye shadow.

Next she has defined her eyes by lining her upper and lower lash lines with the Smokey Black Goddess Pencil.

Lastly she has topped off the look with a coat of the Black Goddess Mascara to lengthen and add volume to her lashes.

We love this glam party look so much - thank you Monique!


Our Alchemy Gold Liner is one of four liners in the Liquid Metal Range. The other three are the Imperial Bronze, Ancient Pewter and Copper Sphinx.

All of the Eye Of Horus Cosmetics range has been inspired by nature and each of our new Liquid Metals represent a natural precious metal found in our world. All of the Liquid Metals are enriched with lavender water, aloe vera and evening prim rose oil. $33 AUD each.