A Deeper Delve Into The Goddess Mascara

The Black Goddess Mascara was our first ever product to launch and is still to this day the hero best-selling most raved about product in the Eye of Horus Cosmetics range. Amongst the excitement of all our newer products especially this year with the Solstice Shadow Palettes, the Brow Sculpting Clay and the Artistry Lip Liners, we felt that your favourite trusty Goddess Mascara deserved some well earned spotlight lovin’. 
If you are a loyal fan of this mascara, you already know its top key benefits of smudge and water-proof, lengthening and volumising, and nourishing wax and oil ingredients. However you may not be so aware of the inspiration behind it, the tips and tricks to best use it and remove it, and what others love most about it. 
Read on to delve a little deeper into this hero, the Goddess Mascara.

The ancient Egyptians always held a fascination for Eye of Horus Cosmetics Founder & Director Holly Schleich. Her previous background with an Australian organic skin care company, and as a student of naturopathy, fuelled her interest in herbal lore and influenced the connection with what many believe to be the originators of beauty – the ancient Egyptians.

The Goddess Mascara was inspired by The Eye of Horus, which is an ancient Egyptian symbol of awakening, protection, power, and good health. Suffering from eye sensitivities herself, Holly desired to create a high performing mascara that was low-sensitising on the eyes. She felt that this aligned with what The Eye of Horus symbol represented - the awakening of the eyes, the protection from sensitivities, the power in long-lash confidence, and the nourishment of lashes with its key natural waxes and oils.

The key ingredient in the Goddess Mascara is its organic Moringa Oil. The famous Moringa Oil “Oil of The Pharaohs” was found in ancient Egyptian God King Tut’s tomb amongst his golden treasures and other sacred elements. In this modern day we still recognise the golden Moringa Oil as a holy grail super-food for its properties of hair protection from the high amount of proteins and promoting hair growth due to the high content of key nutrients such as vitamins A/B/E, zinc, and silica.

1. Set it
Set your intention with it. By including the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara in your daily beauty ritual, you are symbolically Awakening The Goddess Within. With each new application of the Goddess Mascara, set your intention for the day. May you bring your visions into the world through your daily practices and awareness.

2. Prime it
So, you know that using a lash curler to curl your lashes first is pretty standard in ultimate mascara application… but did you know what a lash primer can do? By using the Brow Lash Serum as a lash primer you are creating a base coat layer on your lashes which makes them appear even fuller after applying your mascara. Va-va-volume!

3. Wiggle it
Warning: this little trick is kind of addictive. Before you coat your lashes with the Goddess Mascara, place the wand at the very base of them and slightly wiggle it side to side before combing through the lashes. This ensures all the lashes are separated and get evenly coated for a lengthened look. The wiggling is a little bit fun and feels strangely nice…

4. Triple it 
Okay so, this one is simple. One coat will give you a natural and defined look. Two coats will lengthen and thicken the lashes. Three coats will amplify them for an awakened and curled finish. We recommend to wait about 60 seconds before adding on the third coat.

5. Remove it

You may be wondering how to best remove the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara… well it’s really quite simple. Due to its natural waxes and oils it is a water and smudge proof mascara. However, by using warm water to remove, it quickly melts away with no panda-eye mess. We recommend using the Bamboo Microfibre Cloth with warm water to easily wipe it away.

Goddess Mascara Reviews  
“AMEN. Finally found the mascara that makes my lashes look long, dark and well brushed ! I’m in awe with the result AND the fact that it does not cause me allergies at all ! Bonus: no struggle taking it off. Thank you Eye of Horus, I’m stoked”

- Meli

“Love the gentleness of this product without compromising impact. Rich black, it last the day and looks amazing. A light texture that extends the lashes and gives them great definition. Not overly dramatic, but I miss it when I don’t use it.”

- Saphira