A 3-step Beauty Ritual to Lift, Firm and Sculpt

Lift, firm and sculpt your skin with this simple, facial massage ritual that can be used anytime you cleanse, apply serum, or moisturise to lift, firm and sculpt.

Begin with a cleansing ritual in the AM for a fresh canvas or in the evening to remove excess build up, dirt and makeup. Using the Organic Bamboo Cleansing Kit, slowly massage your face with warm water to gently exfoliate and increase circulation to reveal a fresh, bright complexion.

Apply the Seven Seed Sacred Oil to the face and neck, allowing the signature scent of Frankincense, Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose and Patchouli to awaken your senses. Begin by sweeping your fingers down the bridge of the nose, following the shape of your face. Then, in one fluid motion, continue sweeping the fingers under the eyes and outward.

Next, bring your fingers over the cheekbones, and sweep outward. Repeat the same motion under the cheekbones.

Now you'll move onto the forehead. Use the same lightweight sweeping technique, working from the center of the forehead out and using upward motions from the eyebrows to the hairline. You'll want to use your thumbs to perform vertical strokes and keep the rest of your fingers close together for horizontal strokes.

Next, the chin: Use the sides of each pointer finger to sweep from the bottom lip down to the jawline. Move from the center of the chin outward to the ears.

After that, use two fingers on each hand to sweep from the center of chin out and up to the ears. One finger should go above the jawline, with the other below.

Perform light, quick strokes up your neck to the jawline to help lift the skin, then make small, circular movements with your fingertips from the center of your décolletage outward. This will help smooth wrinkles created from sleeping on your side.

For a heightened sensory experience, follow the link below to listen to our specially curated collection of soothing sounds, that aim to enhance a meditative state.
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