Export / Distribution

Export / Distribution


Are you interested to become an exclusive distributor for Eye of Horus in your state or country?

Representing regeneration, health and protection the ancient Egyptian Symbol of the Eye of Horus ensures healing, wisdom and prosperity to its bearer. Eye of Horus Mascara uses natural ingredients in the style of the ancient Egyptians to deliver cosmetic products that are affordable, non-irritating and effective.
Our products are positioned mid-range and our consumers are attracted to Eye of Horus by its visual attractiveness and effectiveness. The added enigma of the mysticism of the ancient Egyptian inspires imagination and appeal
With over 40 percent of consumers claiming to have sensitivities, Eye of Horus is Ideal for sensitive eyes. The Mascara strengthens and lengthens for ultimate Goddess lashes.
Eye of Horus offers products in quality, colour, combinations and price range that makes it attractive to all consumers of all demographics including cultural, colour and economics.

How we will support you

We take enormous care and research in ensuring we provide the absolute best quality of all our products with iconic marketing.  We place great value in the importance of branding in all areas including website, print and media.
Eye of Horus Cosmetics in conjunction with the distributor will be responsible for:
·      Eye of Horus Website - Multilanguage
·      Eye of Horus Website Hosting and Maintenance
·      Internet Marketing
·      Electronic Newsletters
·      Social Media Profiles on websites such as Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
·      Advertising in Professional Beauty Magazines
·      Website Stockists Listing
·      Product Knowledge Videos
·      Product Training
·      Product Placement - Sampling through different events etc.
·      Print production
Eye of Horus offers all design and marketing imagery for promotional and branding purposes.