We are all born as creative beings. Children posses the essence of creativity with an undisturbed quality. However as we grow older we tend to lose some of that amazing creativity due to a number of things.

After eons of male energy ruling our planet ... it has now become apparent to many around the world that the creative, loving feminine Goddess energy is finally returning back. This means that people will naturally start to feel like creating things from all genres. And whats not to love about creating! It's a way to express your inner world in the outer world. It can bring so much joy into both your life and others.

We wanted to do a photoshoot in honour of the Creative Goddess, so we thought what better way than to feature our purple Jewel Amethyst Goddess Pencil. Purple has been used to symbolize creativity and mystery. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colours, purple is believed to be the ideal colour of balance. We teamed up with local Byron jewelry maker Rosie from Taiga Rose to bring about the Creative Goddess shoot.


On our Creative Goddess shoot we dabbled into a bit of art making. Since our Jewel Amethyst Goddess Pencil was the theme of the shoot, it felt only natural to create a purple amethyst crystal painting.

Creating art of any kind is so relaxing and meditative. Any thoughts or troubles drop away as you focus in on the image you are bringing to life from your consciousness.

Creating artwork can teach you things about yourself, for example you may have the idea in your head of what you would like to make .. and then as it's in the making, you watch and see how your physical body translates the idea in your mind. You may be very surprised at what comes out as a result!


During our Creative Goddess shoot we had fun playing around with musical instruments such as the wooden flute and metal singing bowl.

Music is so important and special to humans. There is something very sacred about it. It can literally lift our spirits higher, entice us into a sort of trance, create feelings of pure bliss and so much more.

These days, it is known by many that we are not just our physical body and mind. We are also consciousness. When we play instruments our etheric body (higher consciousness) is using the physical body as an instrument too. Your higher self knows what you need, and the music being created can actually be very healing.

Model: Kiarna Ryan, H&MU: Teegs from Manik The Hair Studio, Jewelry & Crown: Taiga Rose, Photography: Josh Hedge, Styling: Cait Provan & Rosie Cranshaw, Clothing: Tree Of Life

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